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Caso de Éxito: IFA Celtics

Company Background

Founded in 1940, IFA Celtics offers healthy solutions for overweight people focus in ethics and generate research and development of this medical solutions. They are one of the 3 main laboratories related to this industry in Mexico. Some of the main milestones of the customer are:

  • IFA Celtics was created in 1940 by Mr. A.F. Smithers
  • The main activity is the pharma industry focus on overweight solutions and medical research.
  • In 1981 they created a clinical net to attend overweight patients.
  • In 1991 they started produce nutritional products.
  • In 2008 IFA Celtics decided to focus 100% in ethical products.


The challenge

The client first contacted Google in October 2012. With a total of 350 employees and 200 potential users, they were looking for a solution that could help them replace their current technological platform (LOTUS – IBM) and offer collaborative and communication capabilities.

They constantly were having problems of connectivity and interaction between members and outside collaborators. The cost of Lotus-IBM solution was similar to G Suite and had similar solutions but not so efficient, than generate the intention of CIO to evaluate some other technological solutions.

The solution

After evaluating the project, Carlos Restrepo decided to share this lead with Nubosoft in order to start a much more closer relationship with the client.

The client received the corresponding quote, Lotus website and service trial within a couple days. Nubosoft offer 3 possible scenarios to solve and implement their needs; after evaluating the proposal, the client decided to go Google and the lead was closed on December 20th, 2012.

All 200 IFA Celtics users are currently using G Suite.