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November 13, 2020

About the customer

DYCSI offers TI consulting services specialized in providing solutions to banking institutions using the SAP® Banking platform. In charge of providing credit management services to financial and banking institutions so that they have the newest and most innovative technology platforms giving a service of the highest quality, where customer service is adapted seeking to achieve their goals.


About the partner

The evaluation and support services for the project were provided by Nubosoft.

Nubosoft is a Google Cloud Premier Partner focused on the Mexican market and experienced in thousands of Google Cloud implementations.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Kubernetes as a better server than a vertical scaling one


The challenge

For the given situation, a better way to store data is sought in which a vertical server is no longer accessible due the cost.

The DYCSI team undertook the task of looking for an economically accessible way to store their data, as they had more clients requires a better way with a more personalized service that the company seeks to improve the services provided by each of its clients with the purpose of helping them and leading them to meet their goals with the technologies provided by Google.

Once the new platform was determined, the next step would be implementing it correctly.


The solution

Since a vertical server consumes a lot of expenses because it is only a server that processes all user requests, although it has more memory when providing services to more than 30 large clients, it is necessary to manage them individually as these are good for the workload, it is constant and the client software supports that kind of work.

After the DYCSI team contacted, the Nubosoft team, worked together and began to design and configure the Google Cloud Kubernetes and started working with Odoo, presenting the PostgreSQL database.

To fulfill the search, using Odoo software where the database was configured to be able to connect with Google Cloud. As data manager, PostgreSQL was used within the front-end software that is Odoo, the administration of these through a Kubernetes that would be the one that had the connection with Google Cloud. Knowing that the advantages that Google Kubernetes Engine provides us, such as in this case scalability and workload balancing along with high availability, not only have these advantages, but also the isolation of process and application will allow fluidity in services provided by the company

Knowing that DYSCI had problems with the vertically scalable server administration, this new form was implemented, including all Google services. Now they are happy with the ease and fluidity with which they can manage their data from anywhere.

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