January 28, 2019
Grupo Empresarial Villa
Grupo Empresarial Villa
February 1, 2019
GIN Group Montes Urales
GIN Group Montes Urales


At a glance

Challenge: Integrating multiple systems to a one-single platform in order to ensure the correct operation of all its business units.

Solution: A strong communication and change management strategy that ensured all processes where aligned with business performance using the G Suite.

About Gin Group

Gin Group is a 35 year-old company with a multi-industry strategy that includes some of the the most reliable business in Mexico. The company’s started operations as a tax consultancy firm and later on got involved in others industries such as: services, sports, restaurants, events, IT management, education, etc.

Gin Group Montes Urales is now the second biggest business unit within Gin Group and represents 30% of its revenue. The development of this business unit is fundamental to support the consolidation of the group as one of the most successful companies in Mexico.


The evaluation, migration and support services for the project were provided by Nubosoft.

Nubosoft is a Google Cloud Premier Partner focused on the Mexican market and experienced in thousands of Google Cloud implementations.

G Suite

Gin Group – Montes Urales goes Google

The Challenge

Gin Group Montes Urales (GGMU) is the second biggest business unit within GIN GROUP, a multi-sector enterprise with a complex operation across Mexico in different industries such as human resources, fiscal consultancy, editorial, retail, fashion and events. During the last years, Gin Group Montes Urales has had the challenge of integrating multiple systems to a one-single platform in order to ensure the correct operation of all its business units.

As part of the strategy, the CFO/CIO of the company, Eloy Maubert, decided to bring to the game an expert for the successful implementation of a cloud hosted ERP (Odoo). This represented a huge challenge due to the number of business workloads involved (process integration, communication and collaboration). The new COO of the company, José Marcano, decided to search for a collaboration compatible with the new ERP in order to replace the on-premise and non-compatible legacy systems in the company.

Gin Group Montes Urales has such a high degree of complexity in its business model, reporting and communication flows. The corporate chat, email platform, file server and conference tools were provided by four different vendors, with no integration among them and different accessibility for each platform: web, client-based, mobile, etc. The executive team decided that the best option would be to unify all of its collaboration and communication tools in a single platform

The Solution

Google’s team and Nubosoft generated a clear strategy for all GGMU needs: communication, collaboration, information control, change management and training for G Suite. The first question was the type of licensing to acquire: based on their current need for security, auditing and large the amounts of data in both their file and email servers, the board decided to contract G Suite Business.

Once the project had a Go-Live date, based on Google’s implementation methodology, Nubosoft started working on the project’s main challenges:

  1. How to effectively communicate the upcoming change to all users?
  2. How to ensure that all users would receive training in the new platform?
  3. Which processes in the new ERP (Odoo) would be integrated with G Suite?
  4. How to transform the way users have been working during last 35 years?!

Some of the executive GGMU members had Microsoft 365 licensing, which posed an additional challenge for the implementation team. With the objective of promoting the rapid adoption of the new platform, both Nubosoft and the operations team decided to integrate Odoo’s repositories with Google Drive. This ensured end users would have direct access to the new platform in order to interact with financial information, inventories, scorecards, KPIs, etc.

Once the project Go Live date was defined, a two-week communication campaign was enforced announcing the upcoming migration to Google. The change management campaign was also emphasized during the weekly board meetings: “G Suite is not a substitution of our legacy email platform, it is a tool that will change the way we work on a daily basis” – (José Marcano /COO, mentioned during the first planning meeting with executive board).

Once the change was announced on November 2018, Nubosoft’s team alongside GIN Group’s HHRR department,  established a training schedule. During these sessions, the change process was fully explained to end users, training for the new tools was provided and access via PC, tablets and mobile devices to all applications was configured. Additionally, as part of the change management process, training sessions were scheduled with Microsoft Office tools ‘hard users’ such as the finance and legal departments. More than 80% percent of the sessions were had via Google Hangouts meetings, which further promoted the adoption of the tool. A thorough revision and setup of the security configuration was made alongside the client’s IT team; which included custom policies for each organization, mobile device management, Gmail DLP and Vault.

The total amount of saving due to this implementation was near to $100k USD considering: Files servers, classic productivity software, control of information via Vault (looses estimated in $30k USD / year) and increase of productivity.

The correct implementation of Google’s methodologies and the constant support received from the project’s sponsors, is  the main reason for the project’s success. Today, 98% of the users are using G Suite tools to collaborate on a daily basis at GGMU. Gin Group Montes Urales presented the business case to the group’s executive board who are now evaluating the migration of up to 10,000 users to G Suite.

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