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June 20, 2019
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Harmon Hall

At a Glance

Challenge: Harmon Hall concerns to maintain its SLA and prevent data loss on their platform

Solution: Migrate to a platform that offers security and robustness, maintaining the cost-benefit in their services; and prevent data loss with a managed backup service.

About Harmon Hall

Harmon Hall is a leading company in Mexico in Engligh language teaching with more than 50 years of experience. Through that time, accompanied by its quality of service and great prestige, Harmon Hall has become the best way to learn English.

Their mission is to be leaders in specialized education by offering its students academic excellence and services that exceed their expectations, through processes of improvement and continuous innovation, contributing to the development of society through a profitable and sustainable business model.


The evaluation, migration and support services for the project were provided by Nubosoft.

Nubosoft is a Google Cloud Premier Partner focused on the Mexican market and experienced in thousands of Google Cloud implementations.

Google Cloud Platform


Harmon Hall expands its services to the digital world with Google Cloud Platform and HYCU


The Challenge

Harmon Hall has an online platform that complements their face-to-face courses offering, where students can reinforce their studies outside the classroom and interact with people from different parts of the world through international group classes.

One of their first challenges Harmon Hall’s IT team encountered was the short time period available to develop and launch to production its new online course platform. This meant that the time to prepare their servers for migration could not delay their development plan.

They wanted to maintain the same quality service they’ve always been known for in face-to-face courses for their customers and keeping track closely their student’s progress on their activities now in the online platform. Another primary matter of concern for Harmon Hall’s IT director, Ricardo Cruz, was to avoid any possible loss of information. Therefore, finding the proper tool in order to reduce the risk of loss of information on their storage services and virtual machines in the event of catastrophes or errors on their instances was a key element in the project.

Harmon Hall requires different services for their platform, such as cPanel Server for management, Moodle Server made with PHP for their educational platform, and for their database they required MySQL and SQL Server.


The Solution

Harmon Hall decided to partner with Nubosoft and Google to migrate their online platform to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Harmon Hall chose virtual machines (VMs) to run their instances (cPanel, Moodle, MySQL and SQL Server), and a storage center for volatile files and backup for their applications. To facilitate this scenario, Nubosoft recommended the use of Google Compute Engine and Cloud Storage for Harmon Hall’s instances and files respectively.

To provide strong security and disaster recovery (DR) capabilities, Harmon Hall wanted a native GCP backup and recovery service to regularly backup their virtual machines. Working jointly with Nubosoft to review Google marketplace options, Harmon Hall chose HYCU as a managed backup service which fully covered their requirements. With HYCU’s Google IAM and API level integration, Harmon Hall was up and running in less than an hour, fully protecting their VMs and applications. HYCU is a fully managed backup and recovery service for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). No deployment and configuration hassle, simply register on the GCP marketplace, define service level objectives (SLO), assign them to the VM instances and HYCU takes care of the rest. In order to ensure SLO compliance, HYCU completely takes care of backup scheduling, automates retention and storage tiering from primary storage and VM instance/snapshot storage, to secondary backup and archival Google cloud storage.

Harmon Hall established several policies for backup and snapshot management, the instances are backed up every 24 hours, keeping the snapshot for 48 hours; and for the database instance, backup is performed every 4 hours, keeping the snapshot for 24 hours. For all policies, a copy of each snapshot is stored for a week.

Using HYCU as a security measure to prevent data loss, Harmon Hall now can provide a high service level agreement (SLA), offering the best value-added service for its customers.

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