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July 23, 2019
Siempre Creciendo
Siempre Creciendo


At a Glance

Challenge: Legacy system that do not support collaboration and complicates workflow process among agents who works on field (financial advisors) that requires constant mobility and employees located in the company facilities.

Solution: Unified platform tool that does not limit collaborative work, providing accessibility and compatibility between desktop units and mobiles devices for remote work, which ensures to increase productivity in the company

About Siempre Creciendo

Siempre Creciendo is a company that provides financial services focused on the rural and semi rural sector. With more than 12 years of proven experience in the market, they have positioned themselves as a successful microfinance company nationwide.

This great dream had its beginnings in October 2015 in Ecatepec, State of Mexico, and thanks to the commitment of their collaborators, they have established as a serious and solid company, achieving constant sustained growth.


The evaluation, migration and support services for the project were provided by Nubosoft.

Nubosoft is a Google Cloud Premier Partner focused on the Mexican market and experienced in thousands of Google Cloud implementations.

G Suite

Siempre Creciendo created a holistic strategy to touch every corner of little populations in Mexico



The Challenge

Siempre Creciendo is an SOFOM ENR that works as a financial intermediary dedicated to granting credits for working capital to the micro entrepreneurial sector of the most needy communities of the country. With more than 90 branches in different states of the country, Siempre Creciendo has the challenge of implementing a system that allows collaborative work between personnel located in company facilities and financial advisors who have the constant demand for mobility in their work without being limited for its constant business growth.

Siempre Creciendo has single and group loan programs, which require constant monitoring from the request of credit to the collection of the loan. The process requires the intervention of different specialists for the analysis and financial advisors and collaborators for the collection of information, home visits and collection of granted loans.

Due to the handling of sensitive information of its customers and the regulations that the National Banking and Securities Commission imposes, it is important for the CEO to protect and manage access to information of its client portfolio. They used applications developed internally for the capture of information during field visits, using as a communication system emails and calls, which represented a high cost of administration, maintenance and time for any change in their internal processes.

The Solution

Siempre Creciendo decided to work with Nubosoft to implement a solution that provides tools that scale with the demand for growth and facilitate the handling and time involved in a process for financial operations.

For Siempre Creciendo team, the migration of their system to the G Suite platform would represent:

  • Increase of information security
  • Low costs in productivity software
  • Remote (mobile) and local (desktop) accessibility
  • Low cost on administration and maintenance
  • Scalability

Through G Suite platform, the collaborative work and accessibility between users working with desktop computers and users working from mobile devices represents a solution that does not require constant administration and maintenance. In this way, the advisors who make constant visits to clients do not affect their internal process of the company and the productivity of the user, since they are not limited by working tools.

The C level and management team of Siempre Creciendo with the help of Nubosoft team, a migration plan was established within 3 weeks, starting with different internal campaigns that were established through sponsors at the management level in conjunction with the HHRR team within the company to promote the platform transition, and training plan for the staff emphasizing the competitive advantages that G Suite provides both the collaboration and office automation tools to the end user, as well as the audit and administration for the personnel of management and human resources. Subsequently, it took 2 months to complete the transition and configuration for the new platform.

The implementation of a new office tool solution represents for Siempre Creciendo a saving of approximately $ 40k USD per year considering: Email Hosting Provider, File Servers, classic productivity software for desktop and mobile devices, administration controllers of information via Vault.

The productivity of people increased around 20% based on the time that takes a single process since a loan request sent by a client until the collection of granted loans.

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