BESO took a huge step towards innovation using BigQuery and ML

About the Company

Beso is a nine-year marketing agency in Mexico. This year it was elected as the most effective independent agency and the 14th overall in the
Effie Index; Furthermore, it was recognized as the most diverse and inclusive agency to work in the Great Place to Work rankings.

Industry: Business & Professional Services

Primary project location: Mexico

The challenge

BESO Consulting and their IT department were looking for efficiencies in terms of cost and analytics as well as innovation tools with the use of Artificial Intelligence. BESO had one data lake in a hybrid architecture that required a flexible and scalable platform in addition to all the functionalities or their current processes. Before GCP, BESO had been using Oracle solutions for many years.

The solution
Leopoldo Daniel Alarcón Romero, Data Scientist Lead from BESO, started to work with Nubosof’s certified Cloud Architects and Data Engineers aiming at using BigQuery as the principal data processing and storage solution, AI Platform Notebooks as a transforming and evaluating platform, and GCP Artificial Intelligence API’s in order to get better, faster, cost-effective results.

The results
After great success, our client achieved a cost reduction of +50% due to easier, dynamic, and faster data management and the integrated use of Google Cloud Platform. Now, they are giving more value to their internal/external clients, spending their time and resources tracking and delivering valuable data instead of managing the infrastructure, growing faster without sacrificing security.