Vortem: Google Kubernetes as a Scalable Platform for a SaaS Solution

About the Company

Vortem and its parent company DYCSI are specialized in providing Software Solutions for Financial Services Institutions. Their Solutions Portfolio consist of Loan Management Solutions, Digital Platforms, and ERP Implementation Services. Their solutions must have the newest and most innovative technologies, which should run on the best Cloud Service Provider


The challenge

A common question Entrepreneurs ask themselves when creating a new SaaS platform is: How large my Technical Infrastructure should be implemented. If too short, the system will be overwhelmed with customers trying to operate the platform. If too large, the profitability will be affected. 

The next business need SaaS administrators have, is related to frequent upgrades with minimal or no system down time. The management at Vortem knew that Google Cloud Platform could have the answer to all these needs when they were developing their Acendes Solution.


The solution

The Vortem team determined that Kubernetes was the answer to all the Business Needs for their Acendes Platform. Kubernetes would let them rapidly scale the Technical Infrastructure with minimal to no time and effort and would let them implement a Continued Delivery Process which could let them implement frequent improvements to their platform with zero down time. For this purpose, the Vortem team contacted the Nubosoft team, and worked together to design and configure the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and deploy their Acendes Platform which is based in Odoo.

The complete solution consisted of a Google Cloud Filestore instance for file storage, a Google Cloud SQL PostgreSQL Database and a GKE Cluster for data processing. 

With this advanced architecture, File Storage and Database Information would be securely stored, easily scaled, and seamlessly integrated into the Kubernetes Cluster. Now Vortem can deploy several instances of Acendes and Odoo platforms quickly and scale them without limits.