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Caso de Éxito: Tecnomotum

The Challenge

Tecnomotum in the business of technology development with specialty in remote measurement and control, through the use of various media that provides information to it customers for decision making in order to increase their productivity, care and optimize the resources of your company. The company has a wide range of customers, since telematics technology is applicable in multiple information solutions. Every customer that requires information and remote measurement is a potential opportunity for business development. Among their more than 500 customers, the following stand out: freight and passenger transport fleet vehicles (motorcycles, cars, trucks, trucks), cranes, hoists and maneuvering equipment in general, service stations, insurance companies, leasing companies and shipowners.

The company’s CTO, Luis Galán, is always on the lookout for opportunities to improve the degree of innovation among its developers, their products’ service level, and the relationship with their customers. With an experienced and specialized internal development IT team, they have always been regarded as innovators when it comes to technologies, especially those with which the customer interacts.

Its product portfolio includes:

  • Electronic devices (hardware) with remote control and measurement capability.
  • Information processing and display through a web application.
  • Technical service, training and consulting.
  • Distribution of services in communication technologies.
  • 24-hour monitoring and support center (security).
  • Development of customized technology projects.
  • Telematics KPI generation

The company operated a legacy inhouse developed set of systems which included socket endpoints, Java web apps, Postgresql relational databases and Redis memorystore. These almost 10 years platform posed a significant limitation for both the company’s growth and its innovation capabilities.  All their services were still running a diverse group of legacy systems that did not provide them the functionalities they needed . These outdated systems were difficult to update, prone to disruptions and outages and did not interact with each other, the development team’s CI/CD processes were constrained and there was little or no room for an accelerated growth strategy for the client base.

In summary, the company was having trouble both establishing a single operations platform and finding the right infrastructure provider for its ever growing technology needs.  Their current infrastructure was being hosted in a hybrid environment composed of on-premise servers and AWS. Attaining cost reductions on its infrastructure was one of their primary concerns. They had the certainty that this could be achieved with an elastic architecture, however, so far they hadn’t found the right technology partner that could provide them with the right platform for their needs.

The Solution

Tecnomotum decided to team up with Nubosoft in this endeavor. Our team worked hand in hand defining the right strategy to help them in their journey to Google Cloud. The overall project was established in three main phases; firstly, their current and future business needs were evaluated; secondly, a thorough revision of their current infrastructure and information flow was made; finally, a new architect was proposed to their development team that would stake advantage of other tools provided by GCP, such as:

  • Cloud Endpoints for developing, deploying, protecting and monitoring their APIs.
  • PubSub  would provide the flexibility and reliability of enterprise message-oriented middleware to the cloud.
  • Cloud Dataflow as fully-managed service for transforming and enriching data in stream and batch.
  • App Engine as their serverless application platform
  • Cloud SQL would provide a fully-managed database service
  • Bigquery as a fast, highly scalable, cost-effective, and fully managed cloud data warehouse for analytics

Tecnomotum - GCP Architecture


In Nubosoft, the company found the business partner it needed in their journey to the cloud. Today, after just a few months, the company is deploying a new version of their platform fully based on Google Cloud’s products, taking advantage of it scalability, serverless offerings and security. The new platform has reduced both its licensing and hardware costs, they have attained a high degree of agility in their continuous development process and their system’s overall uptime has been greatly improved.

In the next few months,  they will continue working with our team exploring big data and machine learning solutions in order to improve the degree of intelligence provided to their clients, improve their current CI/CD pipeline and  extend their web and mobile apps functionalities.