nubosoft vizion

Grupo Vizion is using BigQuery for the storage and analysis

About the company

Waldo’s Mart was a store of everything at $100MXN (Mexican Pesos) now it is a mini-supermarket where its differentiation strategy consists of offering several products, but no longer at a single price. In 1999, it began operations in Mexico, starting in Tijuana, the first mcity that took the commercial coup from Waldo’s.Industry: Retail & Wholesale
Primary project location: Mexico

The challenge
Grupo Vizion’s business demands the constant surveillance and analysis of all their stock-keeping units inventory rotation in all their stores, specially, for the ones with the better sales performance. Before switching to Google Cloud Platform, they had an on-prem server which only had the capacity to show averages for the last week, this being in addition to having slow processing.

The solution
Altogether, Sergio Ignacio Muñoz Iturralde’s (Lead Data Scientist) and Nubosoft Data Engineering team, decided to work with a total of 21 python notebooks in order to start slowly presenting progress reports until they could start organizing, analysing and forecasting the data. Later the legacy report (Microsoft Excel) was migrated to Jupyter to notebooks where the data can be better handled.

The results
Grupo Vizion’s team can now generate data forecasts in less time since tasks that would take hours now take minutes. The reporting of data, now that they are able to generate and store their comma-separated values files using Cloud Cloud Platform’s tools, is done in a few minutes; saving money thanks to efficiencies in their Total Cost of Ownership.