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Challenge: Decision whether to continue with an on-premise outdated infrastructure that generated sizing, cost, stability and security concerns or to finally take a step forward and migrate to the Cloud.

Solution: Migration process to Google Cloud Platform hand in hand with a Premier Partner, in this case, Nubosoft.

About Vitalmex

Grupo Vitalmex was founded in 1976, as a health equipment and hardware vendor. From then on it began a success story that today has positioned them as the comprehensive service provider most important health center in Mexico in the field of kidney diseases and metabolic, cardiovascular, operating room and diagnostic imaging.


The evaluation, migration and support services for the project were provided by Nubosoft.

Nubosoft is a Google Cloud Premier Partner focused on the Mexican market and experienced in thousands of Google Cloud implementations.

Google Cloud Platform

Vitalmex migrates its entire VM infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform


The Challenge

Vitalmex IT team was presented with one of the most common questions for an infrastructure management team, whether to continue with an on-prem hosted virtualized VM environment that had been generating sizing, stability and security issues or to finally take a step forward and migrate their infrastructure to the Cloud. After evaluating all the possible options, they concluded that the best option for their organization was to start their migration process to Google Cloud Platform hand in hand with a local Premier Partner, in this case, Nubosoft.


The Solution

Our engineering team carried out the evaluation on the architecture documentation provided by Vitalmex’s IT team, corresponding to their on-premise servers that had different issues such as those already mentioned above. The first evaluation was aimed at deciding which workloads could be first migrated to Google Cloud. After this first phase, the challenge was to configure their new Google Cloud projects, network routings, Firewall, VPN tunnels, backup settings, and migration tool (Migrate for Compute Engine). All the configurations required to be compatible with Vitalmex’s production workloads. The functional requirements were tested in the new staging and production networks and VPN segments. Nubosoft team validated that the Cloud Migration environment was correctly installed and configured in the client’s legacy environment (VMware vSphere) before starting the migration of 25+ virtual machines to Google Cloud. Within a few weeks, the migration process of every single workload was completed and every single production environment was now running on Google Cloud.


Vitalmex Infrastructure

The Result

Vitalmex has freed itself from the burden and expenses derived from an on-prem infrastructure such as electricity, space, air conditioning and human resources; hardware obsolescence is no longer an issue, software updates are executed with a few simple command lines and virtual machines run with optimal configurations and no hardware limitations. Additionally, there is an emergency recovery plan which generates a backup every 24 hours for each of the virtual machines hosted in Google Cloud, being able to recover an image up to 30 days in the future and having an improved RTO (Recovery Time Objective). Google Cloud’s VPC, with totally isolated VLANs that can be created with minimal effort, provide Vitalmex development team the ability to test environments with new versions intended to be tested and later released in production environments, eliminating all the resources once they have been released.

In Nubosoft, the company found the business partner it needed in their journey towards the cloud. Today, after just a few months, the company has its entire infrastructure hosted in Google Cloud, taking advantage of its scalability, technology offering and security. Compute Engine has reduced both its licensing and hardware costs, they have attained a high degree of agility in their continuous development process and their system’s overall uptime has been greatly improved.

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